Service Notes by Mark Kubisch

A. Pull-start cord replacement

B. Redrive overhaul of the older grease filled units including lubricant replacementNote by Had Robinson: In order to overhaul the redrive, you must have intermediate mechanical skills, a floor press, and the various tools needed to work on gear boxes.  Mark's service notes have most of the details but he makes a serious mistake in how to remove the hub.  DO NOT USE A PULLER TO REMOVE THE HUB.  YOU WILL BEND IT AND PROBABLY RUIN IT.  A BENT/WARPED HUB WILL CAUSE THE PROPELLER TO VIBRATE SEVERELY.  It is not only a nuisance but the vibration will eventually destroy the inside of the hub, as well, and could be dangerous.  Instead go to this page on how to remove the hub correctly.

Miniplane does not have any suggested change interval for the greased redrives.  I would suggest changing it every 200 hours of engine use or after 5 years.