Risk management plan for Southwest Airsports

Southwest Airsports, LLC
24261 Palmilla Dr. Wister, Oklahoma 74966 U.S.A.
Updated May 12, 2021

Student preparation and requirements

We have every student sign the all applicable waivers before they can receive instruction from us. Our waiver has a health questionnaire section which requires all students to declare that they are fit for the sport and have no medical or mental conditions that could interfere with their piloting a paraglider.  If students indicate that they might have such a condition, they are requested to not sign the waiver and ask for a full refund of any tuition paid.

Students are monitored during all activities for signs of problems including being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Students are encouraged to bring water and wear breathable clothing as well as shoes that provide ankle support.  We also bring bottled water and encourage pilots to drink water often. A complete first aid kit is kept inside our truck at all times and is quickly accessible. (see Emergency Action Plan)

Acceptable flying conditions

Our training sites can safely accommodate novice flying activity (except Panorama) as long as an instructor is present and able to assist.  Nonetheless, conditions in the launch area may change quickly and frequently.  If the instructor perceives that the weather may be hazardous in any way, training activities would cease immediately.  Generally, the minimum wind speed at a training site is 5 mph except when towing when wind speed can be calm.  There must not be any significant gusting or presence of any threatening weather in the region.

Instructor identification

Task saturation is a serious hazard for all pilots, new or experienced.  Managing risk means minimizing this hazard.  A way to help minimize the risk from task saturation is for the instructor to wear a BRIGHT ORANGE shirt.  If the instructor senses that the pilot is having trouble focusing on a task, he can say, "LOOK AT ME!"  It is a simple command and will help calm the pilot and he will usually start flying towards what he is looking at – the instructor.  At that point, the instructor can more effectively help the pilot.  A bright orange shirt is visible for a mile in clear air.  With this method, the pilot will not mistakenly identify the instructor with someone or something else.

Risk Management Assessment for sites

The following sites may be used by Southwest Airsports for training purposes:

  1. Buffalo Mountain Talihina OK
  2. Panorama Talihina OK (for advanced training ONLY)
  3. Heavener Heavener OK
  4. Robert S Kerr Airport Poteau OK
  5. Talihina Municipal Airport Talihina OK (not currently used)
  6. Smith Field Siloam Springs AR (not currently used)
  7. Grove Regional Airport Grove OK (not currently used)