Starter cord pulley failure

by Had Robinson

Pilots annoyed with the poor quality Viadana pulleys supplied by Miniplane can purchase the superior Harken 082 Single Bullet Block to replace the single pulley on the Top 80.Harken 082 single bullet block  The Thor models also have a second lower pulley with a swivel which is equivalent to the Harken 166 Bullet Block Single with Swivel.Harken 166 bullet block single with swivel




These pulleys have precision stainless steel bearings and come with a (5) year warranty.  They are about twice the cost of the OEM but will never wear out.

Below, a failed Viadana pulley.  The plastic ball bearings quickly wore out and prevented the pulley from turning whereupon the starter cord cut into the pulley.  Regular oiling will help slow down its eventual destruction.  The Viadana was not designed to service any but the lightest loads.

failed Viadana pulley

The Harken 082 installed adjacent to the starter (lower pulley) on a Polini Thor 130.

Harken pulley on a Miniplane frame

A Harken 082 on the upper pulley.  The Harkens are slightly larger than the Viadana.

Harken pulley on a Miniplane frame