Purging the system of fuel

It is the same as priming the fuel system but without any fuel in the tank.

  1. Remove the fuel tank and drain it.  This is easy to do on all Miniplane paramotors.
  2. Remove the fuel line connection at the carburetor.
  3. Pressurize the fuel tank (or squeeze the priming bulb) until no more fuel comes out of the disconnected fuel line.  This step purges the tank and fuel filter.
  4. Tip the paramotor over enough so all of the fuel runs out of the carburetor and not into the engine when you do steps #5 or #6.  This is not possible, however, on some paramotors that have the carburetor on top of the engine.
  5. If you have compressed air continue with this step.  If not, go to step #6.  Set the pressure to <5 psi and use the correct fitting on your air system to purge the carburetor.  YOU MUST HOLD DOWN THE PRIMING LEVER AT ALL TIMES.  Pushing down on the priming lever opens the main inlet valve connected to the metering lever.  You will get nearly every trace of fuel out.  If you use too much air pressure you may burst the diaphragms inside the carburetor.
  6. Reconnect the fuel line connection at the carburetor.  Hold the priming lever down on the carburetor and pressurize the tank (or squeeze the priming bulb) until all fuel has been blown out of the lines, filter, and carburetor.

This should always be done before storing the paramotor for more than a few weeks, especially if gasoline with ethanol is used.  Ethanol mixes can corrode various parts of the carburetor – and ruin it.