Clutch Oil for the Thor 100 130 190 200

by Had Robinson

For some important tips on how to change the oil, see the clutch service page.

The oils recommended for the Thor clutch and redrive are not available in the U.S.  I discussed this issue with various lubricant manufacturers including AMSOIL, Shell, Castrol, Lucas, Mobil, Red Line, Royal Purple, Fuchs, and Spectro.

The proper oil must be a 10W-40 grade motorcycle-type oil.  This means that the oil must be compatible with wet clutches, such as used with the Thor engines.  Ordinary engine oil of the same grade is too slippery and causes clutch engagement problems.  Additionally, motorcycle engine oil has to have the correct additives to lubricant gears properly in a non-pressurized system.  The specifications that compatible oils should have of the correct grade are:  JASO MA, JASO MA1, or JASO MA2.  Links on this specification can be found here:  WIKI.

The following oils can be safely used in the Thor clutch and redrive (JASO MA specification or better).  Remember to change the redrive oil after the first (10) hours of use and every 50 hours or yearly thereafter.  Because of the wet clutch, the oil gets contaminated quickly and why changing the oil often is a good idea.

These lubricants are readily available in most auto parts and motorcycle stores: