Cooling shroud for the Minari

by Had Robinson

Various manufacturers make cooling shrouds that dramatically lower the running temperature of paramotors which do not have forced air cooling systems, like the Polini or Top 80.  Engines running at over 200C will now run at 140C or less.  Unlike forced air systems, there are no moving parts because the propeller acts as the fan which forces air through and over the cylinder head.  Disassembly of the engine, less weight, fewer parts, and the problems of starter guts getting sucked into the cooling fan and destroying it ARE GONE.  All paramotors should incorporate these passive types of cooling systems.

Miniplane-USA has the Minari shrouds available.  Note: do not use ordinary low strength coupling nuts to replace the OEM cylinder head nuts, they must be class 8 metric or greater.  Make sure any kits you buy have the correct grade.

cooling shroud for the Minari paramotor 

cooling shroud for the Minari paramotor