Strobe light setup

By Had Robinson

The purpose of a strobe light for ultralights is to be seen by other nearby when operating during the twilight periods (30) minutes before sunrise and (30) minutes after sunset. These lights are to be visible for (3) miles.  Most ultralights do not have alternator and battery systems so the lights are often battery powered.  As a result, they only just meet the requirements for visibility.

What can pilots do make these battery powered lights more visible?  One of the most important things is to be sure it is visible a full 360 degrees.  In order for it to not only legal, but functional, I came up with this arrangement.  To pin the strobe to the harness guarantees that it will not be seen from 1/2 of all possible directions.  Instead it should be hung from the harness.

Drill two small holes in the bottom flange of the strobe case.  Thread about 20" of some narrow Dyneema through the holes and secure with a bowline.  Tie the other end to an inexpensive karabiner.  You're done!  The strobe can be stored in the side pocket until needed.  When it is deployed, it is well below the seat and your legs and is visible a full 360 degrees.

Strobe light hanging from a paramotor