Poor man's centrifuge

Had Robinson

Have you ever opened up epoxy tubes, started squeezing out the (2) elements, and then it just keeps coming out after you stop?  I used air to move the stuff back in but then the pressure got too high and....  You can guess the rest of the story.  Here is the best answer to this sticky issue.  The technique works on the thickest semi-solid materials.  We use a lot of tubed materials in our shop and, finally, the lights came on for what do do about it.  So why hasn't JB-Weld and Permatex taken care of the problem at the time of manufacture?  Permatex makes the CHEAPEST lids and caps for their materials which is also a huge irritation to those of us who don't use a full tube of RTV every day or so.  Go figure....

Poor man's centrifuge

Typical spin cycles also do a rinse but it does no harm to this method.  I hope it's obvious which way the tube should face...

Make sure you get your woman's permission to use the top-loading washer.  If the tube breaks (unlikely), it will require some work to clean up the mess and she will want to know what happened (also applies to using her oven).