Reserves & Reserve Deployment Info

small reserve parachute

1. No one is peacefully flying along and decides to deploy his reserve.  There is always a major event, like a serious collapse, which can be unnerving and delay the correct response.  Usually, the glider will be in a dangerous spiral, out of control.  Keep this in mind!

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3. Reserve Parachutes: Safety Considerations from

4. This video has some great cuts of how messy an actual deployment can be.  Don't put yourself in a situation where you might need to deploy!  Become an expert in the weather.

5. This video shows the very latest in reserve safety systems.  Deploying the reserve also cuts away the main canopy.  There is a 3rd reserve still available. This system, when available, will be the finest there is.  However, pilots should not be hasty – there are always bugs that need to be worked out.  Anything aviation is particularly prone to cascading events where one thing may lead to something very unexpected later as the cascade develops.

6. WARNING! A reserve parachute is a life-saving backup system, to be used in life-threatening emergencies only. A reserve parachute should never be deployed “for fun” or to “see what it’s like”.  A reserve parachute deployment is a dangerous event.

7. Read this piece on Deployment Bags by Angelo Crapanzano

Carry a reserve parachute, and deploy it only if it is absolutely necessary.