Safe flying from Ozone

• Paragliding is a potentially dangerous sport that can cause serious injury including bodily harm, paralysis and death. Flying an Ozone paraglider is undertaken with the full knowledge that paragliding involves such risks.
• As the owner of an Ozone paraglider you take exclusive responsibility for all risks associated with its use. Inappropriate use and or abuse of your equipment will increase these risks.

• Any liability claims resulting from use of this product towards the manufacturer, distributor or dealers are excluded.

• Be prepared to practice as much as you can - especially ground handling, as this is a critical aspect of paragliding. Poor control while on the ground is one of the most common causes of accidents.

• Be ready to continue your learning by attending advanced courses to follow the evolution of our sport, as techniques and materials keep improving.

• Use only certified paragliders, harnesses with protector and reserve parachutes that are free from modification, and use them only within their certified weight ranges. Please remember that flying a glider outside its certified configuration may jeopardize any insurance (e.g. liability, life etc) you have. It is your responsibility as the pilot to verify your insurance cover.

• Make sure you complete a thorough daily and pre-flight inspection of all of your equipment. Never attempt flying with unsuitable or damaged equipment.

• Always wear a helmet, gloves and boots.

• All pilots should have the appropriate level of license for their respective country and third party insurance.

• Make sure that you are physically and mentally healthy before flying.

• Choose the correct wing, harness and conditions for your level of experience.

• Pay special attention to the terrain you will be flying and the weather conditions before you launch. If you are unsure do not fly, and always add a large safety margin to all your decisions.

• NEVER fly your glider in rain, snow, strong wind, turbulent weather conditions or clouds.

• If you use good, safe judgment you will enjoy many years of paragliding.

Safety is paramount in our sport. To be safe, we must be trained, practised and alert to the dangers around us.

To achieve this we must fly as regularly as we can, ground handle as much as possible and take a continuous interest in the weather. If you are lacking in any of these areas you will be exposing yourself to more danger than is necessary.

Every year many pilots get hurt launching; don’t be one of them. Launching is the time that you are most exposed to danger so practice it lots. Some launch sites are small and difficult and conditions aren’t always perfect. If you’re good at ground handling you’ll be able to confidently and safely launch whilst others struggle...practice as much as you can. You’ll be less likely to get hurt and more likely to have a great day’s flying.

Finally, RESPECT the weather, it has more power than you can ever imagine. Understand what conditions are right for your level of flying and stay within that window