Catheters for men

So, what happens if you have to pee while flying?  If you do not have a catheter, you will have to do some dangerous contortions in your harness (if possible) or land.  If you are 2 miles off the ground, you may have to hold it a bit as it can take a while to get down.
The easy answer to all of these issues is a condom catheter (CC), available from Amazon among other suppliers.  The CC has an adhesive which firmly holds it in place.  The thrifty can reuse the CC by wrapping the opening with 1" surgical tape.

Catheters come in various sizes and you must order the correct size (see below).  It is always better to have the CC a little tight than too loose.  For us pilots, the CC is only worn for a few hours so there is no danger of UTI's and the like.  The latex tubing should be cut so that it hangs a few inches past your foot.

Condom catheter sizing instructions

Measure the circumference of your manhood 1” (25mm) or more behind the tip.  Measure this using a strip of paper wrapped around yourself and mark the diameter with a pencil.  (The demonstration below is  is a wooden dowel, not some multilation.)  Using a metric ruler (best) note the value.  If you have to measure the size in inches, convert it to millimeters (25.4mm/inch).  Note: CC sizes can only be ordered in millimeters.

Catheters for Male Pilots  Catheters for Male Pilots


Express Medical Supply has these instructions on how to put the CC on.  Coloplast makes a CC called the Conveen Optima which is easy to put on but it costs almost twice as mich.

Insert the coupling into the latex tubing then insert the other end of the coupling all the way into the outlet of the CC.

The safest method for routing the tubing is under everything and down the leg.  If it gets kinked in your underwear or clothing, you can have problems.

Once it is routed, you can fold the end of the tubing and tuck it in your sock.  Why do this?  The tube can flop around while launching or even snag on something.

When you are in the air and things are not busy, you can pull out the tubing, let it dangle off the end of your leg, and pee with confidence.  If you are in a paramotor, go to idle.  If you don't, pee will get sucked into the propeller which is not a problem, really, but you will see your dried pee on it when you land.

Be careful reusing catheters more than a few times as the adhesive weakens and the whole business can then leak or come off.  Using some adhesive tape can help give peace of mind.  Be certain that the hose is lined up properly going down the leg.  If it is twisted, it may also twist the CC, as well.