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Southwest Airsports

Weather Info

Explanations of the tools below and more

Introduction to weather for ultralight pilots

National Weather Service forecast for Southeast OK

National Weather Service hourly forecast for Southeast OK

Current conditions Mesonet station in Wister, OK

Current conditions at Panorama launch in Talihina, OK

Current conditions at Buffalo Mountain launch in Talihina, OK

Jetstream location from Pivotal Weather

Current conditions at MesoWest weather stations in the Ouachita Mountains

Weather for Aircrews – Basic weather info for non-professionals

SPC balloon soundings (every 12 hours)

University of Wyoming balloon soundings – usually available before the SPC soundings

NOAA Satellite image of moisture and clouds over the USA

Windy – animated map of winds and other data over the surface of the world

Wind history map – actual vs. forecasts

Weather Spark – monthly, daily, and hourly graphical reports anywhere on earth

SkyVector Aeronautical Chart – road maps of the sky including TFR's

Current and Future Events

Summer 2024

Introductory videos and information about paragliding.

Intro to flying in the Southwest U.S.


Better weather ahead in the Ouachita Mountains

paragliding in the Ouachita Mountains Oklahoma


paragliding in Colombia

Paragliding in the southwest USA

paragliding in the southwest USA

Highway 9 in southern New Mexico – our favorite pay-out tow road where we tow pilots to 10,000' MSL.  No power lines, stop signs, intersections, bridges for over 40 miles.  The tiny vehicle on the road is our truck pulling up a pilot for a high tow.  Mountains in the distance are the Potrillo Mountains.  When they are soarable it's indescribable.

Highway 9 in the southwest - pure open space


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