Midland Texas Weather Info

Intro to Weather in central Texas

National Weather Service Midland, TX – start here

Meso West Region (Current conditions at stations around Midland, TX)

KMAF Station (current conditions Midland International Airport)

NWS SPC Balloon Soundings

NWS UoW Balloon Soundings – these are usually available before the SPC soundings

NWS hourly graphical forecast – temp, winds, & gusting at the surface

Jet Stream & 4 day forecast

Lubbock US Airnet winds & temps aloft

NOAA Satellite image of clouds over central Texas

National forecast of fronts, pressure & weather – easy to read

Soaring Forecasts – (go here for the thermal index)

ADDS – wind & temp forecasts at various altitudes

Dixon White's Notes on Desert Flying (courtesy of Eagle Paragliding)

Wind Map – animated map of winds over the surface of the U.S.

Wind History Map – actual vs. forecasts