Evergreen Turf farms


The turf farms are owned Evergreen Turf P.O. Box 18 Santa Teresa, NM 88008.  Southwest Airsports operates there by verbal permission of the owner.  Such permission could be rescinded at any time.  Evergreen Turf requires 3rd party liability insurance from us.  Students and any visitors accompanying them can visit and use the turf farms time but care must be taken not to drive on the grass or disturb in any way the farm operations.  The turf farms are located in a remote part of southern New Mexico, well away from populated areas.

Southwest Airsports has been teaching at the turf farms for 10+ years.  The site has previously been covered by the local chapter’s site insurance.

Because the site is private property and posted, we can train without interference from the public or any other passersby except the employees and staff of Evergreen Turf.  The particular turf farm we train at is approximately 100 acres in size.  It is a huge circle and we can set up our towing operations with winds in any direction.  Because we usually train on weekends, there are no men working on the farms so we have, virtually, a private park to train in.  We help the property owners by keeping an eye on things.  When anyone connected with the operations gets within a 100 yards or so of our operations, we stop everything and wait for the area to clear.


There are two obstacles at the turf farms which pilots must avoid.  One is the irrigation equipment, a long elevated pipe on wheels that is 1,000' long.  The other obstacle(s) is/are farm workers and their machinery.  We always set up so that the irrigation equipment is on one side of the farm or the other from us.  This gives us hundreds of feet of clearance.  We also setup so that the launch direction is completely clear of the equipment.  We direct students to land in the 50+ acres that is on the opposite of the equipment.  The equipment is easily visible from the air.  We do not launch pilots if there are any workers or any farm machinery within approximately 500' feet of our flight operations.  Farm staff and employees are aware of our operations and know to stay clear if they see a pilot in the air.


Everyone must park closely adjacent to the winch which allows a maximum area to land near the launch point near the winch.  When necessary, less experienced pilots will be asked to land in clear areas of the farm.

Visitors & Spectators

Children are not allowed at the turf farms during training.  All visitors must stay clear of the winch and launch areas.  They are not permitted to speak to the pilots when the winch is running or there are pilots in the air.

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