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Stringing the Miniplane satety netting

by Had Robinson

1. To retard netting wear, put black electrical tape on the surface of the cage sticks where they contact the netting.

2. Thread the net on the fiberglass rods.  The thin end of each rod goes into the upper cage fitting.  Made sure you put the (4) plastic rod fittings on the rods as you thread them through the net.

3. To tell which is the front and back of the net (there is a difference), look at which side of the cloth the netting is attached at the top middle where it covers the upper cage fitting.  The front of the netting will be sewn to the front of the cloth.  Also, be sure the rods are firmly inserted into each socket of the upper cage fittings  If the rods are not firmly inserted in the couplings, the ends will break when you bend them.  Bring down each of the rods and insert it firmly in the bottom of the frame.

4. Pull the rods on each side down and push them into the sockets at the base of the frame.

5. Screw in the (4) cage side sticks and attach them to the plastic rod fittings.

6. At each inside end of the cloth part of the net is a double loop of line.  Attach one loop on the elevated rivet on the frame and then pull the other loop tightly enough to attach it to the same elevated rivet.  Do the same for the other side.

7. There are (2) rings that are attached to the line that goes around the inside of entire net.  The first rings (see photo below) are about 8" in from the end of each end of the inside line.  Attach these rings to the opposite hooks on the frame (see photos).

8. Wrap the end of the line with the second ring around the line comes from the outside end of the net to the hook.  Only wrap the line enough times to barely make the net snug.  If you make the inside line tight, it will wear much more quickly where it contacts the cage sticks (applying electrical tape at this junction will help reduce wear).  When you are done, the hooks will each have (2) rings attached.

Stringing the Net on the Miniplane  Stringing the Net on the Miniplane

Stringing the Net on the Miniplane  Stringing the Net on the Miniplane