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Purging the Fuel System

It is the same as priming the fuel system but without any fuel in the tank.  The paramotor should be tipped over enough so all of the fuel runs OUT of the carburetor and not into the engine.  This is not possible, however, on some paramotors that have the carburetor on top of the engine.

Pressurize the fuel tank (or squeeze the priming bulb).  Hold the priming lever down until all fuel has been blown out of the lines, filter, and carburetor.  It is much faster to remove the fuel line from the carburetor first.  Purge the tank and fuel filter.  Reconnect the line to the carburetor and purge again.  If the carburetor can be purged with compressed air (not greater than 20 psi) that is the best and will get nearly every trace of gasoline/ethanol out.

This should always be done before storing the paramotor for more than a few weeks, especially if gasoline with ethanol is used.  Ethanol mixes can corrode various parts of the carburetor – and ruin it.