Polini Thor 250

It is a good idea to check Polini's website to get the latest (or additional) information.  If you find errors here or things that will help other pilots, please contact us.  We try to be as accurate as possible.  However, the marketing departments make this task difficult and sometimes impossible.

Carburetor (not a Walbro) 28mm throat diameter, main jet 118 (according to Polini but it could be something else).  These carburetors are more like the Bing.

Cooling system 1

Cooling system 2


Note Polini updates their parts frequently so these lists may not be 100% accurate.

Dual spark plug parts

Dual spark plug wiring diagram

Electric starter parts

Engine parts single spark plug

Engine parts dual spark plug

Frame mounting parts

Fuel system parts

Spark plug – Champion RN2C  gap 0.023"-0.028" (0.58mm - 0.71mm)  Polini does not specify the gap value in their engine manual.  The value here is from Champion's technical site.  I suggest that pilots use the lesser gap value because of this engine's high compression.

Thermostat parts

User manual (single and dual spark plug)

Wiring diagram

Turkey Vulture