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Using Adobe Reader to digitally complete a PDF form

1. If you do not have Adobe Reader (AR) installed on your device, download and install it from Adobe.  You must have the latest version in order to fill and sign a PDF form.  Here is the detailed information on how to create a digital signature and initials.  Here are the detailed instructions on how to use AR to complete PDF forms if you need more help than given here.

2. Click this link: information worksheet which will open it in your web browser as a PDF.  Note: you will not be able to complete the worksheet using your web browser.

3. Hover your mouse over the center bottom of the page and click the "save" tab and save the PDF to somewhere on your local device.

4. Open the saved copy of the PDF in AR.

5. In the link bar on the right, click on "Fill & Sign".  The form will now open in a mode which you can use to fill in the form.  The "Ab" is for typing information, such as your name and address.  The big "A" and little "A" are clickable to change the size of the type.

7. Save the completed form somewhere in your local system.

8. Now you can email the completed worksheet to us.