Catheters for Male Pilots

What happens if you have to pee while flying?  If you do not have a catheter, you will have to do some dangerous contortions in your harness (if possible) or land.  If you are 2 miles off the ground, you may have to hold it a bit as it can take a while to get down.
The easy answer is a condom catheter.  We sell a complete kit with instructions and the necessary items to firmly secure the catheter.  Note:  Be careful reusing catheters more than a few times as the adhesive weakens and the whole business can then leak or come off.  Using some adhesive tape can help give peace of mind.  Be certain that the hose is lined up properly.  If it is twisted, it may also twist the CC, as well.
This is what you need and can be searched for on the Internet.  Catheters come in various sizes and you must order the correct size!

 We can supply everything, if preferred.  The cost is $55 postpaid.  To place your order, please contact us.

(5) Condom catheters (CC) of the correct size
(1) Connector
(1) 1”x10yds  surgical tape
(3’) latex tubing
(1) Instructions

Condom catheter (CC) sizing instructions

Measure your relaxed circumference about 1” behind tip.  Use a strip of paper and mark with a pencil.  Using a ruler, note the value in inches.  It is always better to have the CC a little tight than too loose (a loose one may leak).

Catheters for Male Pilots  Catheters for Male Pilots

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