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Directions to Kilbourne Hole maar

A17 is different now because of the railway modal terminal and the distance to A11 is slightly more.  Turn off of Hwy 136 (Pete Domenici Hwy) onto Strauss Road and go to the end of pavement where it turns into A17.  Continue on A17 until a stop sign (A20), make a right, then a quick left and continue on A17.  A11 is the first left past a dumping area of piles of rock on the west side of A17. 

Once on A11, go west 8 miles and arrive at the maar. Make a sharp right turn and go along the outside base of the maar 0.72 miles.  You will cross a cattle-guard.  Make a sharp left and follow the jeep trail about 0.3 miles.  Then make a left turn and go 0.13 miles to the top of ridge.  The jeep trail up the ridge is 4 wheel drive ONLY.  If your vehicle cannot make it, do not worry because you are just a hundred yards from launch.  At the top of the ridge, make a left and go south 60 yards.  You are at the East launch.

Note:  Taking a GPS along is highly recommended.  – Had

Directions to Kilbourne Hole Maar